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Urban Clarity is a devotion to your health, happiness and freedom and a sharing of our skills we learn on our ongoing adventure towards our goal of higher consciousness!  It is our expression to you that we know it is possible to be relaxed and have clarity in the middle of an active suburban life, but also our understanding of the common human struggles.  We offer meditations and relaxing yoga classes to help you gain clarity and learn to be calm and peaceful in the midst of chaotic living.  We also provide Counselling services to show you the obstacles in your way of natural buoyancy and assist you in becoming conscious of and correcting the unconscious suffering that your psyche creates.

Welcome to Urban Clarity.

Love, Prema & Tao

Why you should join us

We Have Something For Everyone

Counselling, peaceful meditations, insightful group work, relaxing yoga… we understand everyone has specific needs so we offer many helpful services.

We Offer Online Support

Not in Perth, Western Australia? Not a problem, we work with people from around the world and offer Counselling by Skype or phone. We also post on our blog and social media pages regularly so you can join in wherever you are.

We′re all Friendly

From our yoga classes, to our counselling sessions, we love what we do and it shows in how we communicate and work with you. We are open, honest and friendly.

We′re Skilled in Many Areas

We only teach what we know to be true and from our own experience. We have different skills and knowledge in various areas of Counselling, Buddhism and Yoga, not to mention our own life experience!

We Have a Flexible Schedule

We have classes on most days of the week, and have sessions available daily for counselling so you can fit your relaxation time into your busy schedule.

We Give You Never Ending Support

We have taken the Bodhisattva Vows and can empathise due to our own life experiences. We know how important it is for you to be supported and cared for on your journey. You can always count on us to be there for you.

Who we are



Ajahn & Counsellor
Tao is a Buddhist Reverend who is an ordained spiritual minister and qualified counsellor who has devoted much of his life to the freedom and assistance of others. Since 2003 He has been in many groups, religious and otherwise in his quest for higher consciousness and the further attainment of skillful means in helping others. He works in the trades and owns a successful trades orientated company that acts as an umbrella, supporting his staff in their own personal endeavors in life. Tao’s love is truth and liberation and the support of that in others, a passion you can see in his life and actions as well as his group work and counselling.


Yoga Teacher & Coach
Prema is a Hatha/Yin yoga teacher, certified health coach, counsellor in training and passionate seeker who loves people and loves to support others in achieving their full potential. Prema also owns a successful natural cleaning business in which she educates her clients and staff on natural cleaning techniques that actually work, as well how to live a happier, healthier and more simple life from her own experience. Prema has an uplifting spirit and besides being a lovable person, she loves to help other people in their quest for clarity and to find more love in their own lives through meditation practices and developing a more beautiful life with deeper connections to people and a supportive lifestyle, no matter what life circumstances they are in.

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