What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment? An achievement far greater than attaining all the money, fame, sex and power in the universe! This is a video that I made a couple of years ago which I now have for me to share and as an Ajahn of the Vishrant Buddhist Society (hence the acknowledgement at the beginning) explaining what enlightenment is and what it is not as best as I could, given the difficulty of putting it into words.  Pictures help, I’m no artist :), but enlightenment, or satoris are experiences that cannot be spoken.  As Lao Tzu spoke of it from the Taoist book of the Tao Te Ching ‘The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao’  My teacher Prem Vishrant is enlightened, and though I am not, I have satoris and of these I cannot express to you how beautiful beyond them mind is.

I find in spiritual circles, much confusion as to what enlightenment is or is not often leading to people believing they are awake or enlightened when they are not. This is very detrimental for them on their quest for freedom and for those they share their confusion with, as it means that they may stop looking for enlightenment prematurely, like finding fools gold and thinking you are rich.  If you have not been searching for nirvana or awakening then maybe this video can give you some idea as to what the game of truth is ultimately about.  I have made another video titled ‘What is Beingness?’ where I describe the nature of awareness or Beingness itself, what it is that awareness turns back to, to experience enlightenment.  I have also been working on a video entitled ‘What is Love?’ which is a really fascinating subject and a joy to be involved with after the satoris I have had and with the brilliance and love of my teacher and his sangha, I will publish when I am done!  Enlightenment doesn’t belong to any religion, it is possible for all people no matter who they are.

– Tao

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