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Urban Clarity is dedicated to helping people raise themselves to higher consciousness however we can.  We are open minded practitioners who live in the market place and do not subscribe to the idea of renunciation.  We embrace life fully and endeavour to live beautifully and share that beauty, peace and understanding with others. We talk and share from our own experiences and knowings and do not preach religion or beliefs, we would like people to find out truths for themselves and want to share our journeys with you.

May all beings find peace and love!

Buddhism is a vehicle to help people find enlightenment, love and a beautiful way to live in the world in community and day to day life. There are many branches of Buddhism with slightly differing view points but the same ultimate truths and some universal foundations.

The Four Noble Truths:

  1. Life is Duca (dissatisfaction or suffering)
  2. This Duca is caused by desire and attachment
  3. There can be an end to this Duca
  4. An Eight Fold Path to the end of Duca

The Triple Gem

  1. I vow to take refuge in the Buddha
  2. I vow to take refuge in the Sangha of the Buddha
  3. I vow to take refuge in the Darhma (Teachings) of the Buddha

There are precepts and the eight fold path also.  The precepts are about living life beautifully, not causing harm to yourself or others.

The Eight Fold Path

  1. Right View         2. Right thought        3. Right Speech             4. Right Action
    5. Right Livelihood  6. Right Effort          7. Right Mindfulness       8. Right Concentration

It is a set of understandings and guidelines to help people find higher consciousness, love, nirvana and live beautifully in the world and in community with others who want to go beyond the selfish misery of much of mundane life.  Feel free to email or ask us any questions you may have, also we have some videos of our own enlightened Buddhist master Prem Vishrant on the Videos and Links pages and our own videos like ‘What is Beingness?’ and ‘What is Enlightenment?’

Meditation is being present to the moment.  That can be to the breath, to the sounds around you, to sensations, sights, people, breeze, your body, beingness, anything but your mind, dream or thought.  Meditation is best every moment, never not here. Formal meditation is usually undertaken in a seated position – with the legs in full or half-lotus – with no back support to help you stay awake.  Hands are folded one into the other, thumbs touching and often watching the breath at the lip, going out, turning, coming in and turning again.  No thought is followed, if the mind moves then awareness is brought back to the breath.  You do not move, you just meditate, watching the breath which is comparatively real.

People live in a lot of hustle and bustle in the regular everyday life they have and carry a lot of uncomfortable tamasic and rajasic energies – Sleepy and irritated or anxious energy.  For a mind that has not been trained in sitting meditation for hours everyday for years it can be very difficult to sit perfectly still for long periods of time and be present.  Active meditations such as the ones we run are designed to help people clear themselves of the distracting energies that people are carrying and allow them to rest in the present moment far more easily and effectively. All the different active meditations have a different effect on the practitioner that are outlined to some degree on their pages we have created, but can only be experienced to really be felt.  The more you practice the more you will feel the results.  Meditation is mind clearing, consciousness supporting, insight provoking and all round life changing.  Get involved!

Meditation is being present to what is real and the practices to get you there such as watching the breath are called meditation practices, so the question is not to simple to answer.  However, we will outline the difference as mindfulness and formal meditation.  Mindfulness is being aware of your surroundings, your body, your actions, your thoughts and awareness of those around you.  It is an excellent practice all day everyday, promoting clarity, awareness, self-awareness, inner peace, intimacy and happiness.

Formal meditation is classically performed in a seated position, with legs in full or half-lotus with one hand folded in the other and thumbs touching, often watching the breath at the lip.  If the mind wanders off into dream, the practitioner brings awareness back to the breath.  You do not move, simply be aware of the breath coming in, turn, going out, turn and come in again.

Some studies on how meditation improves the mind and how it helps develop the brain into a more beautiful and insightful piece of equipment have been done in the world of the sciences and can be read on our blog, but the benefits have been known for thousands of years and the foundation for nirvana is created through meditation.

The difference between our counselling and other forms of counselling is that the therapist themselves brings to the process.  For us the counselling process should not be hypocritical, we are exploring ourselves and have been for many, many years.  We are not shallow or “text-book following” therapists and group leaders, we are compassionate and our process and depths of insight are brought to the meetings. We can help you to see your own processes to a greater depth, allowing yourself the possibility to accept your life as it is and to change it as is needed.  We understand that your suffering is created by your own resistance to life and not by your circumstances.  Your reality is your own creation and through your conscious and unconscious thought patterns you fashion your experience.  What is unconscious to you cannot be changed and must be brought into the light of awareness for change to occur.  As your consciousness is raised, your mind, experience, your actions and external reality will begin to change.  We will help you to find your courage and power to change your world as well as the peace within you in the acceptance of life as it is.

Our different meditations, yoga classes and group sessions are all offered at various rates and can be found on their relevant pages or the timetable page.  For courses and counselling sessions, please contact us at

We understand that circumstances change, however we ask that you inform us with as much notice as is possible so we can allow someone else to take the session. However, if notice is given only within 24 hours, you will be charged for a full session.

Regardless of if you are meeting us for a couples counselling session or one-on-one session, we meet each person with openness and receptivity and we are not judgmental or bigoted… far from it.  You will be very well looked after as you explore with us your psyche and the real depths of what, why and hows of your experiences.  We are not only qualified but have completed thousands of hours of work on ourselves, and in many ways have ‘been there’ and can help you see, express, release, accept and change as you need.

Not at all, on the contrary, it is wisdom.  Having a guide on your path, or at the very least, qualified assistance, is wise.  All people encounter difficulties in life everyday, and most handle these with automatic unconscious and unquestioned reactions and beliefs that create suffering inside themselves and suffering for others. More often than not they continue this way until they die, like they are operating on railway tracks, living ‘groundhog day’ over and over, repeating their patterns of behaviour again and again.  We can help you move into a reality of greater clarity in your urban life, learn new ways of being more authentic and empowered within yourself and ultimately find greater wholeness and peace within yourself. It is wisdom to seek the aid and counsel of others who know something of the path you are on.

Absolutely, we are skilled in the art of Skype so no matter where you are in the world, we can assist. As much as we love in-person sessions, Skype is still a useful way of communicating.  If that is not possible we can also arrange phone sessions.

Unfortunately not at the present moment does private health cover counselling.

Some people see us fortnightly, some people come more than once a week.  Whatever your preference, time and budget allow can be made to work for you.  The only thing to note is that the more contact you have, the greater we can be in assisting you in seeing yourself and changing, but of course we understand your personal capacities.

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