Unwind and Chill Out – Short Gentle Yoga Video

Tao and I caught a nasty virus recently so we really had to slow down and take it easy as we went about our days.

I’ve found over the years, the only times I’d really slow down is when I was forced to (through illness mostly) and then felt terribly guilty for doing so because I’d feel useless unless I was busy ticking things off my to-do list… “oh but I have to finish this, this and that and THEN I’ll rest” I’d find myself saying through a horsey, tired voice. Since meeting my teacher Vishrant, I’ve come to understand the importance of slowing down more and more, and have made daily meditation practice and yoga my number one priority. If I’m a stressed out mess running around from one thing to another, how can I possibly expect to be soft, kind and open inside myself, let alone be soft, kind and open to my partner/family/friends/anyone I meet?

Tao and I have been working behind the scenes to organise gentle beginners yoga classes as well energy & breathing meditation classes for you and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce these services starting Thursday 28th July at Baker’s House in Harrisdale, WA and Friday 29th July at Roleystone Recreation Centre (Affinity Cafe) in Roleystone, WA.

Don’t wait for a virus or Winter flu to slow you down. Click here to check out the timetable and join in one of our classes and learn more about how to rest deeply, become more flexible and find some stillness.

And if you only have 10 minutes spare before you run out the door to work in the morning or as you head off to bed at night, I created this short gentle yoga flow video to ensure you fit in some time to unwind, chill out and slow right down:


Prema x

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