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On Wednesday night I did an audio interview with Raphael Cushnir in Portland, Oregon, so it was an adventurous raining and stormy 12:30Am for me, in Vishrants Wood Cabin in the hills and 9:30 Am the previous day for Raphael on the other side of the world in Portland, Oregon : )

Raphael has a lot of great resources towards embodying a deeper connection with yourself, higher consciousness and realizing the space of it all. I have been reading one of his books entitled Surfing your Inner Sea and it is a great read, with excellent advice on becoming more connected with your experience and warmly welcoming it instead of resisting it.

I love that he is doing such deep work with people, and it was a pleasure to be in touch with him.

Check out the interview, it is well worth a listen



If you want to visit his website – www.cushnir.com

And if you want to get your hands on Raphaels book ‘Surfing Your Inner Sea’, Click Here:

Have a wonder filled day and I’ll see you soon : )


Tao Prem

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