Ajahn & Counsellor

My more professional Bio:

Tao is a Buddhist Reverend who is an ordained spiritual minister and qualified counsellor who has devoted much of his life to the freedom and assistance of others.  Since 2003 he has been in many groups, religious and otherwise in his quest for higher consciousness and the further attainment of skillful means in helping others.  He works in the trades and owns a successful trades orientated company that acts as an umbrella, supporting his staff in their own personal endeavors in life. Tao’s love is truth and liberation and the support of that in others, a passion you can see in his life and actions as well as in his counselling.

And now my less professional bio 🙂

Hi. my name is Tao.  I live up in the hills of Roleystone in Perth city, Western Australia with the very lovely Prema. We are living on a 5 acre olive grove next door to a Buddha, as caring members of a beautiful Buddhist community.  We are both business owners and operators, I run a trades business throughout Perth. If I could have seen my life now when I was 18 I wouldn’t have believed it, it would have been to good to be true. And also too different from the “Get Rich or Die Trying” that had pumped into my brain by society for way too long.

As a troubled youth from a wealthy school, I had already lived on both ends of the ‘social ladder’ from a single parent family in an old house in Perth, Western Australia with my mother and sister to a beautiful English manor in Lancashire, England with a kind and supportive father figure added to the family unit. The unit dissolved when I was nine and by the time I was 11 I was very insecure inside myself, with a lot of anxiety through to panic at times. I realized to quite a degree that life was suffering but i could not find a way to liberation.  As a teen I was introduced to psychologists, personal growth gurus, wealth creation gurus and became more and more interested in the mind.

I was still not satisfied with the answers I was being given however and was becoming increasingly disillusioned with life.  What was the point of getting rich and successful and dying old if you were never happy???  This question plagued me.

I graduated high school and enrolled in neuroscience at University of Western Australia thinking that I may be able to map out all the chemicals involved in human experience so I could induce sustainable happy states upon my own and others bodies through chemical alteration. But it increasingly didn’t feel like the right way to go and I began falling ‘off the tracks’.

Despite the difficulties she was now having with me, my mother saved me here. Firstly she introduced me to a book called ‘The Power of Now’ By Eckhart Tolle which I read with increasing interest. For the first time, what was being spoken to me was resonating as true.  I began practicing some of his techniques and began to find beautiful spaces.  I began to see a little more that it was my mind creating my suffering and although it was just a glimpse, it was enough to begin capturing my attention.

Then I broke my arm rolling a dune buggy in the night. So I was sitting on the couch watching tv all day taking codeine pain killers.

My mother told me that there was an enlightened teacher in Perth and she was seeing him.  That sounded amazing to me.  I could feel something coming through when she spoke about him, to me there was something magical about it.

I drove down to his house on a satsang night and sat in the circle. Vishrant came in I was transported from my mind to a whole new world.  I was present, and my mind was expanded. This man appeared to have no fear and he amazed me.  He was the first truly exceptional person I had met. He was the first enlightened person I had met.

Fast Forwarding

Many satori’s later and after meeting a handful of other enlightened people I began to accept that I needed to create a mind that was open, more equanimous. Vishrant had done considerably more work on himself prior to enlightenment than most people, and towards his enlightenment had been a very successful psychotherapist.  So with his help and the help of others I looked into how my mind was working and how to undo the beliefs and patterns that held me prisoner. It has been a love affair I have never stopped. As time went by I realized more and more that caring for others and helping them where I could was a beautiful way to live and so I began to put lifting people into practice.

I studied counselling and gained a diploma to add to the skillful means I had collected.

I was given the title of Reverend after 10 years of service to the Buddhist community and I eventually took the Bodhisattva vows.  Finally I was ordained a spiritual minister, a Buddhist Ajahn.

Also I have built a small company that operates in the trades in Perth within which I operate as a manager and tradesman.

I did some brief math on the number of hours I have spent in the presence of my teachers learning from them, retreats, encounter groups, satsangs, courses, one on ones, and it ran into the tens of thousands of hours. Somewhere nearer 15,000.

I started up Urban Clarity with Prema to start a wider community of people who are into truth and to help people as best as we can, who want to get free of suffering and live beautifully.

This is my brief Auto-Bio, I would need to write a book to fill in all the gaps but hopefully this introduces me 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to visit and I look forward to sharing your journey.