We offer Counselling services which will allow you to become aware of how your thoughts and behaviors are creating your reality, allowing the opportunity for you to recognize and see more clearly the patterns that impact your life.  The greater the awareness of the obstacles to your freedom and happiness, the more power you have to make positive change!

It can be refreshing, and is always wonderful to have someone totally there for you who can offer the space for you to express yourself.  This is your time to see what is happening in your world, find a deep acceptance and the power to change things you want to.


This is where it all begins.  This is the first relationship, and the last.  You are with yourself always, and if you don’t like parts of yourself, no matter how normal that may feel to you, you are in a form of absolutely unnecessary suffering.  The anguish of self-loathing and grief of self-sabotage is not something that people need to live with.  Our relationship with ourselves can be worked on and made wholesome, just as any other relationship can.

When we begin to love ourselves, we become lovely, we become lovable, we become buoyant.  We help ourselves rather than hinder ourselves, we find a way to make things work for us, because we like us! Rather than hindering and trying proving ourselves right that we couldn’t do it.

Loving ourselves is one of the deepest loves and from our own wholesome acceptance we can properly love others, this is the first step to truly loving and accepting others.


Relationships are such a fundamental part of our lives.  Whether they are with our friends, family or partners they are our support structures, our travelling companions and our primary sources of experiential intimacy with others. Our quality of life can be heavily influenced by our own ability to relate beautifully and meaningfully with others. We didn’t really get a comprehensive map on how to have successful relationships though!

Working on seeing how we operate and communicate with those closest to us can be a means of greatly deepening our own connections with close friends and even strangers.  Seeing the importance of commitment inside our closest personal relationships and how to properly express our intentions is so valuable in creating a strong bedrock to build from.  And learning to cherish our lover and our friends brings a richness of spirit to our bonds with them.

In achieving these goals, it is invaluable to see how we set up interpersonal patterns and plays, that are so automatic to us we don’t even notice the damage we are doing.  Seeing the ways we are reacting to people and the reasons for it, that then allows us to make conscious informed decisions as to how to be with others in all situations.  And if changes are needed inside ourselves or without, it is valuable to have someone, or many people, supporting you in that direction and helping you through the difficulties that may arise.

Be Heard

Often we find difficulty in expressing ourselves fully and completely to those around us as we fear judgment, or harm to our relationship if we do.  People are too involved in our own life circumstances or they are not useful sounding boards due to their own lack of depth and insight.

In finding someone to talk to we can see so much about ourselves in just hearing ourselves, unabashedly communicating what is happening for us!  There can be so much relief and liberation in talking out our lives and processes out loud.  Also hearing the echo sound back is profound for many people. The process shows us a far deeper and clearer perspective of our world than we realized was there, our assumptions and patterns that were hidden from us become apparent and with them, the power to accept and the power to change.

Book a session today and start to have a look at your life through fresh, clear eyes.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional! 🙂

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