Couples Counselling

There are so many reasons that couples may seek counselling.  I consider counselling to be a wonderful way for couples to resolve issues, see deeper into their own processes and create a deeper and more fulfilling bond. Taking the time out to exclusively listen to one another, and look at ourselves adds a greater depth to the relationship.


Relationships are a fundamental part of our lives.  Whether they are with our partners, family or friends, they are our support structures with our travelling companions and our primary sources of experiential intimacy with others. Our quality of life can be heavily influenced by our own ability to relate beautifully and meaningfully with others. We didn’t really get a comprehensive map on how to have successful relationships though!

Working on seeing how we and our partners operate and communicate with each other and those closest to us can be a means of greatly deepening our own connection with our partner.  Seeing the importance of commitment inside our closest personal relationships and how to properly express our intentions is so valuable in creating a strong bedrock to build from.  And learning to cherish our lover and our friends brings a richness of spirit to our bonds with them.

In achieving these goals, it is invaluable to see how we set up interpersonal patterns and plays, that are so automatic to us we don’t even notice the damage we or others may doing.  Seeing the ways we are reacting to people and the reasons for it, that then allows us to make conscious informed decisions as to how to be with others in all situations.  And if it is clear that changes are needed inside ourselves or without, it is valuable to have someone, or many people, supporting you in that direction and helping you through the difficulties that may arise.

Sometimes couples seek counselling as a way of deepening their intimacy and find out more about how their own minds tick so that they can find deeper connections with others and greater peace inside themselves, but there are all sorts of reasons that couples may seek counselling. Couple distress and conflict, relationship breakdown, poor communication.  Difficulties with commitment or infidelity or jealousy issues are all important subjects that affect many couples. Couples may also experience problems with sexual difficulties, and with couples counselling on any issue individual counselling can be incorporated into the process. New relationship or pre-marital counselling can be very beneficial.

On a more individual level, dating anxiety or having difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships

Difficulties in relationships with colleagues and/or bosses, with friends or between family members is also well worth addressing as our lives are so intimately involved with these people and addressing the issues with a counsellor can not only potentially resolve the issues but in the process increase our self-awareness and our own skills in communication and conflict resolution.

Maybe you don’t really have outstanding problems but desire more than just what you feel to be a ‘coffee shop’ relationship. Maybe there is a more apparent ‘fight’ or competition in your relationship.  There can be harmony but a want for third party perspectives on goals and insights or there can be major hurts and a feeling of needing to be heard.

Whatever the situation we as your counsellors are here to help you achieve a greater connection, intimacy and love in your relationship.

Give it a try, you may be surprised at the profundity of the benefits to you and your life. Use the contact form below to send a query or book your session.

Pain is innevitable, suffering is optional.

– Tao Prem

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