Meditation can help you to become more peaceful, still and find a deeper insight into how you create your reality and find the peace and beauty of the moment. We hold vipassana and active energy meditations to find peace and stillness through ‘let go’, foster connectivity with life and others and also to cultivate a discipline of present moment awareness that we can carry on into a practice of mindfulness throughout our days and evenings. We offer private group sessions, otherwise come on down to the groups and join in!

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What’s Involved in the Energy Meditation?

The Energy Meditation allows for full mind and body relaxation, giving you an opportunity to start your day fresh.

Let go of all disjointedness, find a sense of wholeness, silence and clarity. If you find any conflicts within, these can be united through the humming, synchronising the different parts of the mind and body, and moving your energy out to the universe and then bringing energy into yourself, opening yourself up and finding peace, liberation and stillness inside.

We will gently guide you through 3 stages over an hour which go a little something like this:

First Stage: 30 minutes

Relax into your favourite sitting position with your eyes closed and hum loud enough for those around you to hear you.  Hum with the vibration resonating through your whole body and experience so the humming continues on until you are no longer the hummer and the humming is just happening and you are the listener now.

Second Stage: 15 minutes

There are two halves to this stage:

  1. Firstly put your palms up and in an outward circular motion starting at the navel, move both hands forwards and then split them outwards in two large equal but opposite circular motions.  The motion is so slow that there can appear to be no motion at all. Allow yourself to give energy out to the universe.

2. Secondly, put your palms down and pull your hands back into yourself and then spreading outwards in a mirroring motion of each other. Take energy into yourself.  Move smoothly and slowly if that is your feeling, as with the first section

Third Stage: 15 minutes

In this section, be still and just sit. Allow yourself to rest deeply.

Come and join us for Energy Meditations at Baker’s House in Harrisdale.  Send through a contact for details!

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