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I created a super simple raw mint chocolate recipe one morning as I went through the pantry in a big clear out. And when I left the kitchen, I was a little shocked and also delighted that this slice-o-heaven was what came out.

Whenever I step foot into the kitchen, I go in with a bit of a game plan, usually one created by my mind. But as with all areas of my life (and the kitchen is no different), I ALWAYS allow intuition and my heart to take over. I love that my heart takes me on such a beautiful journey and allows me to live and share from a place of love and compassion especially when it comes to food.

If you have my eBook Your Nutritious & Delicious Life, (which I may  make available again soon) you would have heard me say that every recipe I create comes from this place and is why I often say that the secret ingredient is LOVE, because it really is!

This week is no different of course. Here’s my raw choc-mint crisp slice recipe which was created with so much love using my intuition and some of my favourite essential kitchen tools + ingredients. And when you are making it, I encourage you to do the same… follow your heart and your intuition. And if it tells you to add or take away a particular ingredient, then do it! You never know what will come out of your love-filled kitchen experience

What you need:

For  the”biscuit” base…

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 cup walnuts

12 medjool dates, pitted

1 tablespoon cacao powder

Handful of cacao nibs

Pinch of salt

For the cream layer… 

1 cup cashews

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1.5 tablespoons raw honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons coconut cream

For the choc-mint crisp topping…

2.5 cups grated cacao butter

1 heaped cup cacao powder

3 tablespoons raw honey

4 tablespoons coconut cream

3/4 cup activated buckwheat (aka: “buckinis” – you can grab from Loving Earth)

1 – 1.5 teaspoons peppermint extract (depends on how strong yours is)

How to make:

The “biscuit base”… add all ingredients to a food processor (I used my favourite Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro) and process into a dough. Line a 27cm x 16cm x 5cm rectangle dish with baking paper and press the base evenly across the bottom. Set to one side.

The cream layer… add all ingredients to a high speed blender (I use my trusty Froothie Optimum 9900), and blend until super smooth. Pour the cream layer over the biscuit base and place into the freezer for 15 – 20 minutes to harden.

The choc-mint crisp topping… place grated cacao into a saucepan over very low heat to melt down (or to keep completely raw, you can “double boil”. When the butter turns to a clear-ish liquid (and all lumps have melted), take off the heat and set aside. Sift cacao powder and stir through the cacao butter with the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Take the dish out of the freezer, pour the choc-mint layer over the top and pop back into the freezer for an hour or so to set.

When ready to serve, remove from the dish, place onto a chopping board and cut into 18 even squares using a sharp knife. Keep stored in an airtight container in the freezer for up to a week.

Have an incredible love-filled weekend my friend!

Prema x

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