What is Beingness?

What is Beingness?

What is Beingness?  If you don’t know, you are missing out… in a big way.

This video is my first artistic video endeavor to express what Beingness is.  I made it in early 2014 as a for-the-love project and really liked it and despite my need for some drawing lessons it came out pretty well!  I made this one for myself to share and also as an Ajahn for the Vishrant Buddhist Society as well, hence the acknowledgment at the beginning 🙂

Beingness is what we are first and foremost, before thought, before the mind, described by many different sages as I Am, that, truth, consciousness and awareness.


Many people only ever recognize their experience as being a someone who is going somewhere and has been somewhere but do not know who they truly are, or what they are.  I attempt to explain the alpha and omega in this video, even though it cannot be explained, only experienced.  My favourite quotes on it are from Nisargadatta, Vishrant and Buddha.

Nisargadatta loosely translates to ‘When I know myself as nothing this is wisdom, when I know myself as everything this is love and between the two my life flows.’

Vishrant ‘Take away your ears and hear me, take away your eyes and see me, take away your mind and be me, I am you.’

Buddha ‘Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.’

The follow up video I made called ‘What is Enlightenment?’ describes awakening to Beingness and was my first technicolor production 😀

If you have never experienced Beingness, drop what you are doing and find an enlightened teacher now, you have no idea what you are missing out on!

– Tao

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