Class Details:

Prema is currently on maternity leave.

What to wear/bring:

Wear comfortable clothing that will move with you (t-shirt, longer shorts, leggings, or loose pants – no skimpy shorts/tops please). We will practice yoga and meditations barefoot though you are welcome to leave socks on for meditations. For yoga classes, bring with you your yoga mat*, a towel and a blanket (for relaxation). Mats will be available in case you don’t have one. You’re welcome to bring your own props too (like blocks and straps), though some will be provided for those in need of support/assistance. For meditation classes, bring with you a cushion to sit on and a blanket in case you get cold. * no thick spongey fitness mats or other mats other than actual sticky yoga mats please as you can slip quite easily on these, you can grab a proper yoga mat from K-mart for $10 – $20 each or I do have some you can use if need be. PLEASE COME A FEW MINUTES EARLY TO SIGN A NEWBIES FORM AND SET UP YOUR MAT.

Classes Held At:

TBC location